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Our Services

Commodity Forcasting Service

At Terra Modelling Services Inc, we offer a mathematical pattern and commodity relationship recognition approach, calibrated against observed historic data and market fundamentals, to improve future forecasts.  The modelling is based on monthly data, updated on a monthly basis. We offer this as a subscription-based commodity price forecast and market trigger point service.

We have developed models for over twenty-eight commodities, ranging from metals, such as gold, uranium, copper and tungsten to industrial commodities like potash and phosphate to agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn and rice. 
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Geological Consulting Services

From concept studies, finding and understanding historical data, exploration planning, drill program management, core logging, liaising with laboratories, data QA/QC and press releases, we cover the entire spectrum of exploration needs.  We have extensive modelling and Resource/Reserve Estimation experience on a variety of platforms (GEMS, Vulcan and others).

We can deliver PEA's, Prefeasibility and Feasibility studies together with our engineering partners.  We deliver timely and relevant results to our clients.  Past activities include NI43-101 and JORC reports

Our commodity experience includes potash, diamonds (kimberlite and alluvial), phosphate (sedimentary), uranium, titanium (laterite), lithium (clay and brines), boron, magnesium (brines), coal, aggregate, gold and copper amount others.
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Economic and Engagement Consulting Services

Our economic services range from modelling of optimal production, M&A and contracting strategies to deploy under different market conditions, to non-linear modelling of risk, inflation and market fundamentals adjusted project economics, with strategies to improve the project value.  We have experience in ranking projects based on risks and selecting an optimal set of projects for risk adjusted capital allocation.  Junior exploration as well as Market Leaders have benefited from our experience.

Stakeholder engagement is often under-estimated in the importance of developing viable, economically as well as environmentally sustainable projects.  We can offer the expertise to help you engage meaningfully with communities, especially with indigenous people.
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